I have literally just put the final stitch into my mother’s birthday present! Yay i actually got it finished before her birthday. It is now 10:45pm on the eve of her 60th birthday!

To be honest, i didn’t expect the final work to be as gorgeous or vivid as it is, but i am super pleased with it and i am sure she will be too. I think i will send it down to Nelson with my sister so that i don’t have to pay for the postage.

I thought that mum can either keep the work herself for her wall. Or gift it to somewhere of her choice in her name. Such as a church or hospital or something like that. But i will leave that completely up to her to decide.

It is a design based on a favourite part of the bible of mine, where Jesus is off praying/ talking with God his Dad about his impending death, betrayal, and the future of mankind. His deciples are sleeping on his final night and this particular moment i have always thought is poignent and challenging, but shows Jesus wholly as a man with choices to make alone. The quote is “yet not as i will but as thou wilt.”

Here it is…