It’s just me

I was asked to write a little about me so that you know where I am coming from.

Well, I’m Susan. I’ve studied a few times at Universities and Polytechnics in New Zealand having NEVER fully completed a degree. Not because I was not capable of doing it, but because I always found something else I would rather be doing. Subjects I have studied are Psychology (way too hard to be bothered with, but interesting!), Fine Arts, Art History, Theatre and Film history, Design for stage and screen. So I have some basis for what I am thunking, but no bias toward anyone without such smarts as me, or anyone with more smarts than me either. So lets all just be friends.

Now writing this from New Zealand, I know bottom of the world and all, what could they know?! Well, as it so happens, not much more than anyone else to be honest, But we here have the luxury of taking a look from a different perspective, same as anyone else. I haven’t left NZ but plan to in the next few years (then our chats can possibly get VERY juicy!) and I spend a lot of time reading, searching, and just generally being and doing.

The reason this blog is important for me is because I so often have people want to avoid voicing their opinions to me, particularly about something like “I don’t have a degree to be able to speak about that, I not smart enough to comment on that” so here I am trying to create an environment where you can comment no matter what your perspective is, or how Smart you think you are or aren’t. Lets just get opinions and lets just voice them.

For me art is the sort of thing that you do, and then you put out into the world. I think art is what it is, it means something different to every person. If you are wanting your art to be specific towards something then you need to be a really amazingly talented artist to be able to put ONLY that thing into the work. But it’s never that simple. That’s why don’t be scared to comment here, don’t be scared to disagree, don’t be scared to have your own opinion and your own voice!

We’re all here together in this big ol’ world trying to make sense of what small time we have. so let’s try do it together.


3 thoughts on “It’s just me”

  1. Nice start. I have seen your artworks on Chatterfox and hopefully will see you transferring them here with their stories, since I truly believe that everything we create always has a matching story behind it. Look forward to it. Good luck.

  2. Great About page. And my goodness! You really have been all over the map trying to figure out who you are, haven’t you! Way to go! And thanks, btw, for the follow. 😀

    • Thanks for the comment.

      You are not wrong about being all over the show. 🙂 but thats half the fun of the journey is exploring and finding where you belong and what you believe.

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