Last week i was thinking about the artist commissioned to paint kate middleton and how it was that she got to be noticed enough to be asked.

So i googled how to become a royal artist and came up with the royal society of portrait painters.

I was so stoked looking because this website and society holds a ton of artists who are doing some really exciting art works and who paint people. Plus it said that you needn’t live in the uk to become a member, nor that you needed to be well known, established, or nominated. Instead you submit a series of your artwork for consideration and if they like it then they will make you a member which people can then start commissioning and they can then start exhibiting.

Sounds easy really. I just need to get good enough at painting and produce a series of work at a high enough standard.

So. Now i have found a strong goal. Previously i had thought oh i’ll just be an artist and was all depressed that the only art people wanted was landscapes and abstract stuff when really i just love to capture peoples’ likenesses, emotions, personalities, thoughts, and feelings.

So that’s what i’m going to work on. Getting together a portfolio of portraits and developing a style.

I thought i would start with painting my dad and my old art teacher and look for other subjects from there.

I feel excited and inspired.