So. I during 2010 when i was studying at toi whakaari one assignment we had was to make an animation. Actually we made several animations during that period. Anyway. My buddy Theo and I joined forces and decided that we would make an Ad for tea.

The animation itself is pretty awesome and you can check it out on youtube. But During that assignment we were playing with tea bags a lot and ended up with a box of tea bags ripped open and spread across the table. I spent the next half a day dragging my fingers through it making all sorts of pictures and cartoons of things happening.

Though we didn’t end up using the things I had been playing around with i did find that i felt so free in that i could quickly “draw” something up and often create something and see something else in the tea leaves and so move instead to clarify the new thing that i saw in it.

I also found that having the tea so temporary (there was no way to keep what i had “drawn”) that i had no hesitation to scrap and start again or to alter what i was drawing, and i most certainly wasn’t precious with the pictures.

Now. I’m not saying buy boxes of tea and do this. But what i am saying is brainstorming is great and can happen in many ways and works best when you are free to adapt ideas quickly and at will and essentially when you are playing and in no way really serious at that stage. So even playing on a beach. Or maybe with sticks on the ground. Or games with other people even where you draw a piece and give it around a group of people for them to alter. Or anything like that.

One thing. Be sure with this sort of brainstorming that you have a camera handy or some way to document. I know it was only at the very end of my playing that i started documenting what i was doing. Opportunity missed.

Here are some of the random shapes. And my youtube username: doyalikemysmile.