Watch the Ted talk video Here
In this Video Elizabeth Lev, an Art Historian, talks about the Sistine Chapel. I wanted to share this video with you all because for me I thought sure, there are some bits ofinformation  that are quite Academic, but I wanted you to hear someone talking about this work of art and explaining everything that is expressed in a series of frescos (frescos being a type of painting done by mixing plaster with pigment.) 
She explains the power of Art to communicate with people over hundreds of years. She talks about how millions of people a year come to this place to look upon this genius work of art. And they stand shoulder to shoulder transfixed on this amazing series of works. Having a moment of connection with this old work of art. Having it communicate the story of creation and life with them. Each of them being touched by this moment that is eternal in its permanence and immovability. And they encounter a moment with the people around them. Touched at the same profound moment as the person next to them. But also having an encounter just like millions before them through the hundreds of years these frescos have been completed and open to be viewed. And they encounter the artist. They have a connection with him through this artwork. They both know him and will never meet him. This is the power of Art. And it is the importance of Art and why it is so important to encourage communication through art. Both the creation of art, and the discussion of art, and also through viewing art and being receptive to it. 

Art has the power to connect people. To connect minds. To connect time and space. It has the power to alter thoughts and ideas. And it is so important. It is super important that everyone finds a way to learn to communicate together. To experience together. And Art is a massive way that people from any Nationality communicate. Because often you don’t need words. 

Ted talk video.