I find that this is something people are always asking “where do you find inspiration?” 
Where do I not find inspiration?!
I get it though, that question. I mean for the majority of us we are busy, working, building a family, fulfilling your goals, cleaning, eating etc etc. with so much going on its hard to find time to find inspiration. But, personally, I find being busy is where I find most of my inspiration. With so much happening, as long as you keep your brain on and your eyes open, its impossible not to find inspiration. Everything I do I find little sparks happening, all the time. 
It is imperative that you keep a pen and paper handy or some way to record good thoughts and good ideas. This way whenever you have “a block” you can always come back to an older idea and start teasing that idea further. 
Inspiration literally comes from being in your world. From looking, and not just at the beautiful but at the grotesque. It comes from imagining what once was and what could be. It comes from other people’s genius. From seeing that painting and thinking “I could say that better in this way”, of hearing music and wanting to put that emotion into a picture or a motion or a verse. It comes from looking at those weatherbeaten people sitting cold on a side of a road and thinking that can’t happen anymore or people need to know this thing I am seeing. It comes from a feeling of overwhelm or sorrow or elation or rapture. It comes from the heat of passion or the gentleness of a caress from an old friend. It comes from a wish. From a need. Or from a longing.
Inspiration is literally everywhere. 
Last night I was driving to an appointment and I came over a little rise in the road. And there sitting just above the rooftops was a thin sliver of light surrounding a dusty looking shadowy moon. The moon was almost eclipsing the sun (or I assume that was what was happening) in that moment I had a pang of awe and needed to share the moment with someone. So I rang Andrew, my husband, and told him to go outside and look at this peaceful phenomenal thing. That is inspiration. i didn’t make anything after that moment. I probably could’ve. But it is the desire to share what you see and what you think with others that is the action of your inspiration. 
The act of explaining your thoughts and your feeling. That is the talent. Even if you don’t have some refined talent to show these things any other way. 
So. Where do you find inspiration? 
In yourself. 
In the world. 
In others. 
In action. 
In events.