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Anemites La Ultima Certeza Inacabada


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Artist: Anemites

Artwork title: La Ultima Certeza Inacabada (Translation: The Last Certainty Unfinished)

Type: Photography. Self Portrait


I stumbled across this artist and her work on the Talent house website. I haven’t seen this work in person, and that does make a difference with art. But my immediate thought with this artwork was both how moving and how troubling.


To me it speaks about loving yourself, about taking care of yourself, and yet of not taking care of yourself even when you try to.


The women look sick with their grey colouring and rib cage showing. They seem older than they probably are, and certainly with that strange elbow they seem to be a bit disfigured. For me it took a second look to realise the crying woman is actually not her own person but is somehow part of the woman hugging her. For me this is like your emotions, and your actions. While you might feel sad and troubled your actions should be such that they comfort and protect them. But then with the multiple pairs of arms wrapping around the body allowing a place to sleep and a place of refuge (they remind me of cuddling my daughter into my arms when she is crying or not feeling well) it is like not only should your actions support your emotions, but your emotions should also guide your actions in some way.


This piece is so moody with its dark colours, and then there is the contrast of vivid blue tears, and bright red lipstick. I feel like these colour points help to add to the dis ease of the work. Also adding to the dis ease of the piece is the fact that the figures are not central in the frame. It is every so slightly to the left of centre but not quite on the comfortable third point. This does mean that there is more room created in this photo which means there is place to rest your eye, and a definite feeling of restfulness in the work.