I have had these ideas buzzing around in my head for so freaking long now and I need to start. You see, my great passion is Art. And I need to get serious about my art and the dreams I have that are around art. You see, I work full time in a contact centre, I kind of have to because I have a mortgage and a daughter and responsibilities, but I have a goal that one day very very soon the art that I do at home and that is constantly in my mind and the dream of bringing Art to the masses and of helping everyone to be able to read and understand art and to converse about it and be a part of it. That soon I will be able to do that full time. 

I’ve recently had some major shake ups in my life, for a time I separated from my husband, I quit my whole life and I moved away. To be honest this shake up was literally the best thing to happen to me. Yes I am back pretty much where I started, but I am focused. I know where my life is going and I know who I am, what I want, and I know I am not prepared to compromise. So with that in mind I start my blog again with a true direction, and a commitment to keeping it going. There may be times where I don’t post. But this will be my direction. 
So the way we are going to do this. I am going to post a blog at first once a fortnight. This is my commitment. And then I will increase the frequency as I can. And we will talk about Art. We will talk about my Art (which you can find more of on my website Here), we will talk about reading art and have conversations about new art, old art and everything in between (and I encourage you to join the conversation as much as you can, art is to be shared, to talk about, to resonate with. I plan to teach you how.), and i’m going to talk about being an artist and the journey from starting as a hobby artist to working as a full time art practitioner, i will show you techniques, and share ideas, i will talk about upcoming events, and we will have fun quizzes. At first i will start just with writing and pictures but I plan to start vlogging as soon as I can. 
Let me know what you want to see and send me your works to discuss or anything you want me to review or comment on. This page is as much about you as it is about me. 
Art is communication and conversation. So lets start doing that!!! 
My next blog will talk about what Art is and what it is for. And I will introduce you to my thoughts on why Art is for everyone and not just for the academic or intellectuals.  
And by the way. This is me. On my way to the call centre.