I finished making a beautiful teddy bear for my little niece this week. It’s so beautiful and I am really unhappy about having to hand it over to her in the next few months.

To begin with the fur I used and materials I used to make it were all fairly cheap bits and pieces, but the fur is superbly soft, and after all is said and done, the life and personality the crafter puts into the bears is what really brings them to life. And I am chuffed to say, this little lass is full of life and personality. It is easy to see why children build such strong relationships with their teddys. (toys in general, but teddys specifically).

I had actually forgotten how much fun making teddys actually is. I mean its really awkward stitching in the various shapes and trying hard not to catch the wrong parts of the face and body, as well as hard closing the seams and trying to keep the fur out of the way. But finishing their little faces and dressing them is so entirely enjoyable.
As is adding any special details.

Here are some photos of the bear I made.


Here are two images of the unfinished bear. As you can see I have embroidered little blue and purple flowers into each little foot and the child’s name into the other foot. It just gives it that littke something special.








And here are the images of the final bear. Now all of her limbs are movable, and her clothes are easily removed.

Any requests for bears of your own? I am more than happy to make them and I think I’ll have to make bears more often, just for my own enjoyment.

To date I have made four. The first was a kitset baby bear. The second was the same design as this one but given to my sister, she had long cream fur with chocolate brown tips and a big bow, the third was made of children’s fabric with foot pads cut from psychedelic fabric and it wore glasses. Then there was this one.