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I have just found this most awesome and hilarious photographer that i wanted to share with everyone.

This particular album especially where she takes photos of couples or groups of people and then replicates the image with the people in reverse clothing and positions. Have a look to really get my drift. It made me laugh so hard but then brought to mind thoughts of gender equality, and how times have changed as well as the impact of equality in genders to society.

I think the images are absolutely lovely, fun and funny but also capture the couple perfectly in both the original portraits of the couples and equally in the switched image. In the switched image i actually think the people are revealed more in their reaction to the clothing and in turn their reactions to the other person.

Looking through the other albums it looks as if hana has a direction she wants her career to go to, but as a photographer she certainly has the knack of capturing her subject perfectly and unwittingly making meaning – her art has the look of being for her pleasure entirely but easily creating meaning from the often surreality (is that a word?) that she sets up.

To me it establishes the importance of enjoying the art and also in some ways both the selfishness and sharing nature of artists in that they create work initially for themselves, but then put the work out there for the world to enjoy and hopefully to gain understanding and insight into themselves and the world they live in.

Have a look and let me know what you think.