Recently I wanted to practise drawing full bodies rather than my typical just faces sketches and paintings and confused as to where I could find subjects to draw that would allow me to draw them in their entirety I started looking through books that I had at home and found to my great satisfaction that my lovely and loving husband had purchased for me while he was second hand shopping a book on the art of dancing.

Flicking through the book I found hundreds of people I wanted to draw some of which looked really difficult in their poses and others that looked easier. So I started drawing them.

I found that drawing dancers took me right back to my days as a dancer and made me feel light a free like I was dancing as I was drawing. It was great and thoroughly enjoyable. I will definately go back to dancers for inspiration again in the future! That and they have incredible bodies and allow you to see and understand the human body.

Here are three of the images I sketched up.

This was a series of images of a man who had interesting hair and a great figure and just was completely leaping for joy in the images. I couldn’t resist drawing him a couple of times.

In this book there was also a section which had one of the ballet dancers (I think it was Anna Pavlova) dancing with this elephant. Though Anna herself was stunning I just loved the elephant and the fact of it’s dancing and drew the elephant. I was also in the mood for practising my hand at contour drawing.

This image I loved. I know it’s not getting his figure or anything like that. But his expression! I couldn’t pass it up! This image I used charcoal for the drawing but then worked back into the image removing parts with an eraser.