In the beginning my art began with sketching images.

I can actually remember the very first time I ever picked up a pencil and grabbed a piece of paper with the intention of producing a picture of something. I was six and my Dad had sat down at the kitchen table in our family home in Richmond Nelson and was drawing images of I think houses and churches, and I climbed up in the chair next to him and asked what he was doing, he told me and showed me some of what he had been doing. I clearly remember being blown away by what my father had produced from his hand and this tool that we had been taught to use at school for writing. I was amazed that it could be used in this way.

I asked Dad if I could give it a go, and he agreed offering me an HB pencil and an A4 piece of paper and sent me away with a warning “Don’t be too upset if it doesn’t look like my pictures, it takes a lot of prctise to get good at it”….. 8 hours later (or a really long time later) I came back proudly showing him a portrait of a model I had found (I will upload a picture of this when I next have the drawing in front of me). My Dad was blown away and could see a natural talent instantly and encouraged me to draw as often as I could, though I didn’t do very much initially. In fact it was years later that I really got back into drawing seriously, by this stage my Dad had more or less given up his art, stating that he had been put to shame by his daughter. (whoops!)

Here are some of my earlier portraits:

As you can probably see, this is a sketch of Marilyn Monroe. I absolutely love this lady and think she is just the epitome of beauty. Of course she would be one of my very first portraits.

I loved in these early stages to focus strongly on the expression and the emotion of the person and to get the eyes as correct as possible. I thought if those areas were correct the rest would shine through. Plus I love these two features the most.

This next image is a sketch of my Mother. I had never seen this photo before, but found it amongst my Dad’s images so I decided to draw her. This is an expression that was very often used on my Mum’s face. I love the likeness I’ve captured in here. Though I think that actual drawing is fairly cartoon-like and rough.

This next image is Michael Jackson. I love Michael jackson’s music and think he is a musical Genius. In terms of sketching him I found this to be a huge mission as he has such unusual features. I think though that I somehow managed to capture something of the artist here.

This image I found in a magazine. I loved the look of the woman though the image was black and white and only about 2cm by 3cms in size. All these images here are A4 in size (as that was all I had available in the early days, Computer paper). I obviously added the colour in for some interest (and to test myself whether I could draw using colour pencils, just to give myself some more options – colour.) Overall I love the result here, this woman has such a comical expression and just looks so so charming!

This is a sketch from a photo my Dad took of a photographer Concil person from some small region in New Zealand. Anyway I thought he looked lovely so I drew him. This drawing I used Black colour pencil to draw which meant that I couldn’t cheat with my usual smudging technique. I also decided here that I didn’t like drawing ears so I just didn’t draw them (In saying this, I am not this lazy anymore, and I’ve practised a lot since this image!) I also discovered that you can turn paper different directions!

And the last image I am going to share here Is my sketch of Elton John. Here I had decided that I was not going to use any smudging techniques at all, and that I would include an object in the image (thus the choice of image). I really really like this image, though most people can not guess who this person is.

So there you have some of my early drawings. But not my earliest.