So this here is my cross stitch that I completed last year for my dad. Originally I had decided to stitch it for Fathers day, I’ve never actually given my Dad anything for fathers day because most years I forget father’s day is on, or I take the easy option and just spend the day cooking food for him and doing house work. Not last year though.

Last year I thought, I know! I’ll do something for Dad that takes lots of time and preparation and that will show him that I haven’t only just on one day thought about him, but that I’ve been thinking about him for a while and all that thinking has reached it’s climax on father’s day with this special gift. What a great thought! However the only reason I knew father’s day was approaching was because of cross stitch magazines (specifically Cross stitch collection) which started advertising fathers day patterns to stitch. Little did I take note that the magazines are all based in the UK (I’m in New Zealand) and they come out at least two months late! So here I am thinking that I’m all organised and things, and then while buying the materials required to make this pattern up the lady in the store slyly told me I’d have to get stitching REALLY quick as fathers day was Three days away!

Having great confidence in my abilities as a stitcher I thought, ‘oh, well, this doesn’t look all that difficult, and I’ve got the week off this week, I can get it done.” So off I set, and I do really well actually. But unfortunately realising my error, I put it aside and picked up a different project, slightly smaller and more straight forward to do, which took me only a few hours to complete.

Ultimately I gave this to him as his fathers day present, and in terms of the response I got, it was the same as if I had given him the larger pattern.

Anyway, on I went with the gorgeous and developing kingfishers and after only four weeks of stitching I managed to get to the end of the work. The next thing coming up after fathers day was Christmas ‘perfect’ I thought. So I wrapped it up and stuck it away for the grand unveiling at christmas time.

When he recieved it he was absolutely stoked. He thought I was just fantastic, and I was so happy that he loved it. He still hasn’t got it framed yet, but I am assured it will be very soon. It already has a spot on the wall beside the magnificent photo of a kingfisher he took years and years ago, the photo that was the original inspiration for stitching this piece.

The stitched piece has actually had attention in the letters section of cross stitch collection magazine and also in the Crafty Yarns News letter (that is actually quite and interesting story). I have given Dad copies of both magzines as reference.