So i thought, while im sitting on the bus on the way home i’d share some of my portraits i’ve worked on recently.

I love painting people, or drawing people. I love capturing their expressions and unique personalities. I used to say i paint emotions i still like to think i do this. Sometimes its a lot easier said than done and sometimes i manage other times i don’t. Anyway here’s some stuff i’ve done. (let me know if you want to commission a portrait).


This is my most recent oil portrait. It’s a painting of my niece Kaylee painted especially for my Sister-in-law Amy (aka. Tom) as a repayment for giving me her horse.


To be honest, i’m not sure who this woman is. But i loved her when i saw her on google and had to paint her portrait. If anyone knows her i’d love to get some information on her. She’s just so pleasant. This painting was my first in about a year.


This painting is my Mother-in-law whom sadly i’ve never met. I painted this as a 30th birthday gift for my now husband. His mum died when he was very young, about twelve i think.

Anyway. These are my recent portraits i’ve completed. I would love to have commissioned work to paint other people. Please please let me know if i can help you out. Either painting a special image of someone you love, or painting old family photos, or any other creative ideas you might think of.