Designed by Teresa WentzlerI wanted to show you all a very special cross stitch I start many years ago and completed about 5 years ago when I was 20. I started stitching this cross stitch when I was around 9 or 10 years old but due to the difficult nature of the cross stitch it took me a long time to work my way through.

It has a ton of colour changes, speciality stitches, it works with metallic threads, blending filaments and braids as well as beads. Prior to this work I had made (or mum really had made) a small bookmark (what I did of the bookmark was completely incorrect) and a very little teddy bear mini stitch. I had also made by myself a very boring to stitch (at the time) cottage scene, which ended up lovely really, but got to be very tedious.

So I’ll go back. I first saw this cross stitch for sale in the Fox collection magazine when I was very young and still working my way through the cottage scene. When I said to my mum that I REALLY REALLY wanted her to buy this peacock scene for me she refused, st the time stating that I HAD to finish one before starting another. So away I struggled getting through the cottage scene.

When FINALLY i finished it I found the Peacock had been sold out, and was no longer available, much to my disgust. Distraught my mum told me (with a sigh) to write to fox collection and ask them about it. So I did. Something along the lines of “please can you help me find a peacock that you had in your magazine a few years ago, my mum said I couldn’t do it until I finished my current one and now I have it’s not in your magazine. I must have it! Here is Mum’s credit card number” Anyway, a few weeks later I held in my hand a very complex pattern and a huge number of threads and large piece of material. A little daunted I decided to start.

I sorted all the threads into the colour sorter cards, read through the instructions, found the center, and hooked on to begin stitching.

Nek minute….. (Jokes)

No Throughout this time I had many events go on in my life and found myself at times completely hooked with the work and at other times daunted, and at still other times bored by the design. My sister was constantly confused as to why I would ever want to do this design as it was “so boring and bland. Where are the bright colours!” But on I perservered. Starting other projects in the middle, finishing other projects in the middle, going through MANY MANY life changes and growths. Then I moved away from home and found myself drawing to the end of my Peacock stitching time. You can not imagine the excitement, and satisfaction stitching that last darn little bead onto the fabric!

The next day I was out buying another cross stitch to start. And from there I was completely hooked on cross stitching. The Peacock has many errors through it and is actually stitched very poorly. But I have done it! I tackled something far superior to my abilities! My mum later said the reason she said no so strongly and that I had to finish the cottage originally was because she didn’t believe I had enough skill to manage one like that. She was right! but in working my way through I increased my ability immensely, grew my love of stitch, and increased my braveness to just try something I thought out of my capabilities.

This particular cross stitch sat in a drawer for many years wrapped in a plastic zip lock bag to keep it safe. After filling the bag with several other cross stitches when I was 24 I found that I had enough money to be able to afford to frame this work of art, so out I went. I got it the best frame I could find, with special museum quality glass (not non reflective unfortunately) and I got it back so so proud of my work. A frame really adds to your work.

The Peacock now hangs proudly on the wall in my house and though I have had people offer to buy it from me I say no, sorry this is my ultimate work of art, my first, it is like my baby and I would never sell it! Everything else, feel free to make an offer on. 🙂

I just wanted to thank Teresa Wentzler for her work designing this most amazing pattern, and though it is difficult I would challenge all other cross stitchers to take it on! It’s so satisfying and the end piece is a masterpiece! Truely.

Anyway, here is the work framed.