When I was younger I worked at KFC in Tahunanui. I actually really really enjoyed the experience and after quitting when I was about 16 or so I decided to return to work there when I was about 17.

Anyway, while working there the second time the manager was this gorgeous and beautiful woman called Anng. She was just a gem to work with and created such an environment of team work and love that it was amazing and we all worked so so well. Often times going out after work to have drinks down at the beach. Or just in general taking an interest in each other (and not usually the inappropriate type of interest) but an interest in the welfare of each team member and into their families etc.

It was the sort of environmen you wanted to be in, and that made working a joy. The sort of work place that you spend your life searching for and very seldom find a place where you fit so well, and where that is of huge importance to the person running the place.

Anng was my friend and the best manager ever, someone I trusted inherently, and went to often with problems (not just of the work kind).

So it was so so sad when she decided she was going to move on after 15 years of working for KFC, and a year and a half of being my boss and friend. She decided that she needed to leave. That she was putting too much time into KFC and not enough time into her two Beautiful and stunning children. She didn’t want to miss out on them anymore and wanted to have time with them. She had decided that she was going to move to Dunedin buy a small farm and have some animals, chickens and a cow and just live the life. I had so much respect for that woman, and that decision. Particularly later.

Anyway, so when she was leaving while the KFC clan had decided to have a beach party for her in honour of her leaving, I had decided to paint her something specific and special to remember her time with us by, both the good and the bad. Mainly for my own love and respect of her, but also on behalf of KFC whom she had given so much to.

What resulted was this. A picture of the Giant Chicken bucket outside the store, with a chicken based on picasso’s chicken coming out the top (as per the actual buckets of fried chicken) and with a headless chicken running across the front as a bit of humour and a testament to her hard work the speed with which we worked (like headless chickens most times!!) I put drive through on there as a sort of bon voyage. Like drive through thanks for coming, thanks for being there, hope you have fun!

Anyway, she loved it, she says that she still has that on her wall at home. And I’m glad! It was such an important time in my life, and considering how much of her life it took up I would say it is important for her too.

I kept in contact with Anng for years after working there, but have sadly lost contact. She was a gem for my life and even when I didn’t see her all the time, nay nearly not at all, she had an impact on my life securing me Amazing job positions and getting me into my Design for stage and screen course. She has had Such the biggest impact on my life and I love her so much. (P.S. If you happen to read this ever Anng, I’d love to hear from you!)