I previously started a blog under this title trying to create a blog which to be honest wound up becoming very contrived. so here I am starting again.

I want to have a blog where I can keep people informed as to what I am up to, what I am thinking about, and what I have made or done so that people can get to know my work and perhaps buy some of my work (or commission me if you’d like).

At present I am working very hard to get myself through a Small business course so that I have the knowledge about tax, Gst and those sorts of things to get myself started in making and selling work regularly, without getting in trouble with the tax man.

Alongside this however, as always I am working on my arts and crafts. Thinking about them, and in the case of my cross stitch, making them. As we go I will show you some of my work and talk to you a bit about how it all came to be.

I hope you like and enjoy my work. And that you get in contact with me to make comments, requests, and whatever else you want to talk to me about.

Hear from you soon.