Cross stitchI wanted to begin my blog with something that I have finished recently and that is very important and special.

This is not only a cross stitch I made for my sister’s wedding in September of this year but it is also my very first self designed cross stitch that I have ever done.

Christina and Dean do not know that they will be recieving this cross stitch on their wedding yet, so shhhh, don’t tell.

They are completely into their mountain biking and so I wanted to make something humorous with the two off them riding off from a church in Nelson New Zealand where they will be getting married. as you can see in the background of the central image there is a cloudy sky (Aotearoa -land of the long white cloud) and images of Haul-a-shore island, fifeshire rock, and the boulder bank.

I also wanted to include a quote and for this I got suggestions from my friends off chatter fox, a crafting community.

This design has lots of fractional stitches, beading, backstitch, mettalic thread, french knots, and varies through full cross stitch in two strands, through to half stitch in one strand and everything in between. For a first design I sure didn’t make the stitch easy for myself!

I hope you like it! and I hope more importantly that my sister and her fiance like it. They certainly deserve it!